Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My kids are growing up

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I have four kids! As you read one started kindergarten. I have one in 2nd grade, one in 6th grade and one in 8th grade.

My middle school kids were so nervous the first day especially my 6th grader the whole middle school thing was totally new to him. He was so afraid he was not going to no where is class's are in all. I remember those days. I to remember being scared as hell! I was afraid of the 8th graders at first. Turned out he had a awesome day and had his friends in his classes to which I figured he would. My 8th grader was just nervous period being the first day back in all but she to had a great day. Of course my second grader was just fine he has been ready for school to start to see his friends! All my kids are in school now I can't believe it. Time goes by so quickly.

My kids are growing up! They need to slow down lol :)

How many kids do you have? How many are in school?


  1. I sent our youngest to Kindergarten yesterday! So sad!!! My oldest son out of school and one started 10th but we moved 80 miles away this summer, so at 10th grade he is in a new HS!

  2. I have a daughter. She's not in school yet but she's growing fast and learning quickly. For not even 2 yet, she's grasping onto the alphabet and numbers.

  3. Those first 18 years goes by TOO QUICKLY!
    Right now I have 5 that we homeschool. Oldest of the bunch is in highschool and my littlest one is starting kindergarten.

  4. I have 7! 6 boys and one girl. My oldest is 13 he is in 8th, then two 11 year olds (not twins, step son and son), they are in 6th, a 9 year old in 4th and 2 in kindergarten, they are 6 and ARE twins (boy/girl). I have one left at home with me who is 4 and will start Kindergarten next school year :(

  5. I hear ya! I think that every time I look at my youngest. I told him this morning to quit drinking milk because it was making him get too tall. ;)

  6. Our daughter was always excited to get back to school to see all her friends. I guess that is what happens when you are an only child. Time does fly by and kids grow up faster than we think. It seems like only yesterday our daughter was toddling around the house and now she is 24 and owns her own home and business. How sad is that? Time just needs to slow down!!

  7. Love the back to school pics! Mine started 1st grade this year.


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