Wednesday, October 2, 2013

School Germs Suck

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So it is a couple of weeks into school now happy to say my youngest who is in kindergarten is really loving it and has learned allot already. But he has missed some days already due to sickness and it is only the beginning of the school year! This is the only thing I so am not ready for those GERMS!
My son has a low immune system already due to asthma allergies and taking all those steroids through out his life already so he catches everything.

I have 4 children and 3 out of the 4 have already been sick. I to have also been sick but I can't help but to love of my kids when there sick. How many of your children go to school? Have they been sick yet? If not get ready so many germs going around already. I am looking for a vitamin for all my kids to take especially for immune system support maybe this will help a bit.


  1. It is definitely an early cold season. I've already been sick but because I was was on prednisone for an infection that lowered my immune system, I got sick again. It is definitely a vicious cycle. My twin sister also ended up sick, and just yesterday, my mother got sick. I know that Vitamin C is good for immune systems. If you're looking for a natural approach, our family swears by echinacea.

  2. You aren't telling me anything. I do in home daycare and I despise this time of year. I have kids that attend three different schools systems and my Hubby is a school bus driver, so you can imagine what is going on at my house this time of year. Uggg! Good luck with your kids....and your whole family!

  3. I'm been pretty lucky my kids have stayed relativity healthy -SO FAR

  4. Just remember that germs are good for the immune system. Without germs, the immune system basically gets bored, thus most likely causing the rise in autoimmune disorders.


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