Friday, December 6, 2013

3D Light FX Spider Man Mask Review

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The 3D Deco Light is a comforting, cordless, decorative night light that is loved by our tiny customers and big ones alike. The first of our popular designs is a regulation sized soccer ball that gives the playful appearance that it has been kicked into the wall. With a simple switch of the light, a soothing glow provides the necessary light for midnight changes, feedings, reassuring check-ins and, of course, to keep the ‘boogie monster’ at bay.

 Spidey Mask light mounts to a wall on top of a crack sticker (included), making it appear like Spider-Man has smashed through the wall. This is so cool looking I love it! It puts off right much light.

 I highly recommend this light for your child for Christmas! Go here to see where you can get one. There are right many to choose from. Makes the perfect night light.

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