Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is the weather like?

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What is the weather like where you are? I am in North Chesterfield VA and it is cold lol.
No so but it sure does feel like it could.
Its 19 but feels like 3 because of the wind chill.


  1. That's a cute mitten pic. Looks like they won't get lost with the string attached. Did you make them?

    1. No I didnt make them but it is cute ;)

  2. It's finally warming up here in the midwest--we were in the -30 windchill neighborhood over the weekend but tomorrow we're going to get *slightly* above the freezing mark! lol

  3. Here in Florida it is getting back into the high 70's to around 80. We did have a few really cold nights this week down into the 30's, no where near like what you had though. Stay warm!


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